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Rodrigo Yoshima

Kanban Coaching Masterclass

Quer se tornar um KCP (Kanban Coaching Professional) pela LKU?

Este masterclass de liderança e coaching é indicado para consultores, coaches, agentes de mudanças, gestores e praticantes que querem se aprofundar na abordagem evolucionária de mudanças do Kanban em 5 dias com Rodrigo Yoshima, um dos coaches mais experientes do mundo em Kanban! Este treinamento é pré-requisito para obter o status Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) da Lean Kanban University - maiores informações sobre o programa KCP podem ser encontradas aqui: http://leankanban.com/kcp-program/. Este curso é ideal para qualquer um com a tarefa de liderar uma iniciativa de mudança na sua organização ou atuando como consultor. É esperado que os participantes conheçam Kanban através do treinamento KMP I ou do livro “Kanban - Mudança Evolucionária de Sucesso para seu negócio de Tecnologia" de David J Anderson.


The focus of the masterclass since 2009 has always been the same: the outcome we seek is educated coaches, consultants and managers with the mindset, knowledge, and tools to lead successful Kanban implementations. Over the last 6 years, the curriculum has evolved, with an increasing emphasis on the soft skills of managing change, leading an initiative and knowing which tools in the Kanban and Enterprise Services Planning domains to deploy in order to go around or overcome the inevitable objections that create inertia to adoption of new ways of working.

The latest curriculum focuses on evolutionary change, fitness for purpose, a deep understanding of The Kanban Method, evolutionary adoption via Proto-Kanban implementations, service-oriented organization design, all of our consulting tools, and our risk management module from ESP used to give your organization a common language for understanding work, by applying some logic to the problems of selection, sequencing, scheduling, capacity allocation, hedging and achieving flow. We strongly correlate attendance at the Coaching Masterclass with successful Kanban implementations. Alumni of the masterclass regularly deliver institutionalized adaptive capability, a culture of improved service delivery and continual fitness for purpose. The course is taught with a great many anecdotes and vignettes with real world examples that teach coaches a new way to see the psychology, sociology, social psychology, politics and organizational dynamics of change. A full day is dedicated to analyzing case studies from the field as a series of group exercises. Coaches should leave with a new way of thinking about leading change and implementing Kanban, and membership of a new social group of like-minded peers all pursuing similar challenges. For some attendees, they have literally described the class as "life changing". The model for understanding why people resist change gives them a new way to look at life, at the people in it and the social group dynamics they experience in every aspect of their life.

Depoimentos dos alunos brasileiros

Juliano Ribeiro Juliano Ribeiro, Objective Solutions

O treinamento foi um dos com melhor custo benefício que já realizei. Tive a oportunidade de aprender com o idealizador do método, com todo o seu domínio, embasamento e história. O foco ficou muito claro muito no início: ele estava lá para levar o seu conhecimento de Kanban (com K maiúsculo) a um novo nível, tirando as dúvidas e mostrando o caminho para evoluirmos como consultores na área. Recomendo fortemente.

José de Almeida Jr. José de Almeida Jr., Rede Globo

Participei do Kanban Masterclass com a presença de David Anderson em 2013. Foi uma experiência incrível pois, pude esclarecer dúvidas e aprender ainda mais sobre o assunto. Nesse período eu estava envolvido com a utilização do Kanban fora do ambiente de desenvolvimento de software e assim, pude esclarecer diversos questionamentos. Muitíssimo recomendado!

Moacyr Mello Moacyr Mello, IBM

Kanban é uma técnica versátil que aprendi a aplicar com outros métodos. Mas além do quadro foi decisivo aprender o "Método Kanban" do David Anderson. Esse método faz o Lean ganhar vida como ferramenta de transformação de TI. E foi muito rápido aprender: eu assisti ao curso maravilhoso ministrado pelo Rodrigo Yoshima e o próprio David Anderson. Eu recomendo fortemente o Kanban Coaching Masterclass.

Gustavo Grillo Gustavo Grillo, Professional Coach

A Masterclass foi uma experiência importantíssima não só para eu entender profundamente a aplicação do Kanban para desenvolvimento de software, mas para ampliar a minha visão de práticas e processos ágeis em geral. Gostei muito da forma como ela foi conduzida, sempre com exemplos e discutindo situações do dia-a-dia dos alunos e foi algo que fez, e ainda faz, diferença no meu currículo. Kanban é uma palavra-chave importante para ter no currículo e no seu perfil do Linkedin.


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Course Program 2018

(treinamento ministrado na língua inglesa)


  • Psychology and Sociology of Change: Understanding the psychology of change will help you successfully introduce the Kanban Method, and help build a culture of continuous improvement in your organization.
  • Advanced Topics: This course goes beyond material covered in the “Kanban” book and the curriculum of the Kanban System Design (KMP I) and Kanban Management Professional (KMP II) classes. The focus is on leading and coaching Kanban rather than scaling it. For those who want to understand large scale, enterprise Kanban, we recommend the Enterprise Services Planning classes. The coaching includes Step 1 of the STATIK method, also covered in ESP module III - Understanding Fitness for Purpose - and exclusively includes Step 8 of the STATIK method - Negotiating and Implementing a Roll-out Plan.
  • Answers to the hard questions: The focus on case materials and the pragmatic, actionable nature of Kanban guidance means you go back to your workplace with techniques you can apply immediately apply. The intimacy of the class and the experienced nature of your fellow attendees enables you to develop your network enabling a new source of answers to your hard questions. Real face time with David Anderson gives you the opportunity to get your personal questions and workplace challenges answered.
  • Consulting Tools: Friday of the class is dedicated to our consulting tools: Depth of Kanban Assessment Framework; Kanban Litmus Test; Kanban Appropriateness Appraisal; Developing a Custom Risk Assessment Framework; Service-oriented Organizational Design; Learning to see services to make "kanbanizing" an organization easier and more natural; Deep understanding of the STATIK method including Step1 - Understanding Fitness For Purpose - and Step 8 - negotiating buy-in and agreeing a roll-out plan .


Sustainable Schedule: The course will be delivered in 4 hour segments each day. The class will meet for 4 hours in the morning, have a break in the middle of the day, and reconvene for 4 hours. This enables time to absorb the material, as well as have free discussion with other kanban practitioner participants. If the participants prefer, the break time can include the playing of kanban games and simulations, kanban tool demos, or other activities.

Class Size: The intent of limiting the workshop to a maximum of 24 attendees (average attendance in Brazil is around 16 people) is to have an interactive collaborative session designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning. Attendees should come prepared to discuss their own experiences with Kanban and challenging situations they’ve faced with change initiatives at clients or employers.

Practical Knowledge: The goal of the Kanban Coaching Professional Masterclass is to enable participants to go back into the field and successfully coach change initiatives for improved service delivery using the Kanban approach. Every workshop is different because of the unique experiences of each participant and their specific focus and desired outcomes.


All attendees will receive an automatic invitation to future Kanban Leadership Retreats - our series of exclusive 2-day/3-night “consultants’ camp” format open space events for advanced practitioners and leaders in our community.

Alumni of the masterclass gain access to a peer group who are the most experienced Kanban practitioners and coaches around the world. Attending the masterclass gives you a common language to share your thoughts and ideas and get suggestions and answers for your biggest professional challenges.

Rodrigo Yoshima

badge-trainer-smTécnico em Processamento de Dados e Bacharel em Administração de Empresas e Economia. É Advanced Accredited Lean Kanban Trainer (AAKT) e Kanban Coach Professional (KCP) pela Lean-Kanban University. Com mais de 20 anos de experiência na área de tecnologia, Rodrigo atua como consultobadge-KCP-smr e instrutor em melhoria de processos tendo implantado métodos Lean e Agile em mais de 200 equipes em mais de 30 empresas. Casado, pai e velejador.